Michael Cobb, at Hemispheres Publishing states, “There are some challenging days ahead.  The upcoming elections in the United States will set the tone and direction for the entire Hemisphere for another 4 years. The acronym for the conference is “GAPS” and you certainly don’t want any gaps in your tax preparations or asset protection.   Especially right now with the changes looming in just a few short months.

No matter who wins the elections, the likelihood of tax increases is almost certain.  The end of the “Bush tax cuts” are imminent.   For anyone with total assets of as little as $1,000,000 the tax changes will have a huge impact on what heirs receive.   Income and capital gains taxes will jump up as well, no matter who gets elected.   What can you do?

And it’s not just higher taxes that are the dangers facing us.   What about asset protection from frivolous law suits?   If you can write a check for only $10,000, you’ve got a huge bulls eye on your back.  Are you concerned about new banking laws that smack of currency controls?   How about erosions of freedom?   These are serious issues you need to address.

Time is short.   December 31, 2012 is only a few months away.  Where do we begin to look for answers and immediate solutions?   How much time do you need to “step off the tracks” and prepare for this reality? Is it possible to find these solutions in one place and in a useful format that is actionable?

The Answer is Yes.   Attend the upcoming Global Asset Protection Symposium co-sponsored by Caye International Bank, Ltd.  You’ll be provided with insights needed not just to step off the tracks, but to move ahead and earn more despite the disruptions happening around us.

Join Hemisphere at their 8th annual, and perhaps most important, conference in Belize this November 7-11, 2012.   You’ll meet the top experts in the fields critically important.   They will design tailored solutions for you on the spot.  Register right now so that you receive answers you need.  You’ll then have time to implement prior to the December 31, 2012 deadlines.

Other Reasons to Attend

At this conference you’ll find out all you need to know about the advantages of off-shore banking…what to look for in an international banking center…how international banking can help you preserve and grow your assets, and diversify your portfolio across economies, currencies and asset classes.

You’ll hear from trust agents, asset protection attorneys, financial gurus, macro-economists shedding light on the world economic situation, gold stock analysts, and international gold and currency experts.   You’ll also hear from one of the world’s top authorities, Attorney Joel Nagel, who will cover the HIRE Act in great detail giving you the information and answers you need to prepare yourself as this law continues to implement over the next few months.

Plus learn about how to own foreign assets inside an IRA, investment strategies and unique opportunities, emerging technologies, little-known financial instruments

For US citizens, a top tax accountant will present on how you can stay compliant with constantly changing, complex new rules and regulations issued incessantly by the IRS.

If you are considering a retirement overseas, or want to own offshore real estate, the one category of offshore asset still not reportable, you’ll enjoy seeing Belize and Ambergris Caye first hand.   Meet and talk with expats who live and work on the island full time.  Get a real feel for what it means to move overseas and discover the secrets that make this lifestyle so attractive.

 A Limited Number of Participants Ensures Your Access to the Experts on Hand

The conference is limited to 40 participants, providing abundant opportunities for one-on-one discussions with legal, tax, financial, and trust experts, and corporate CEOs offering investment opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to spend time speaking with these experts about financial solutions tailored specific to you.

Topics from Industry-Renowned Experts that Affect Your Financial and Lifestyle Future Overseas

  • The HIRE Act – Compliance and Privacy
  • Utilizing the banking relationship for the protection and growth of your assets
  • What to look for in an international bank
  • Using Trusts and IBC’s to safeguard your assets and privacy
  • Staying compliant with home country tax rules and regulations.
  • Capitalizing on demographics and geo-political realities to create incredible opportunities overseas
  • Understanding the advantages of foreign residency, citizenship, and retirement
  • Moving offshore and how to get it right the first time
  • Gaining tax-free compounding growth with no income or estate tax at distribution
  • How to own foreign assets inside an IRA
  • And more…..

Registration:  $1399 single, $1999 double.

Includes all conference sessions, meals, cocktail parties and special events, plus abundant opportunities for one-on-one conversations and consultations with speakers.

Register now

Conference registration does not include travel arrangements or accommodations.

Come for the Conference, Stay for Adventure

We’ll convene on the slender island of Ambergris Caye, Belize, whose white sand beaches, turquoise water and world-renowned coral reef offshore has made it the star of songs and TV reality shows.  You can enjoy snorkeling, fishing, or diving off the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, or head inland after the conference to explore ancient Mayan ruins.

Access like this is limited — so reserve your spot now.

If you’re interested in investing internationally, perhaps owning a second home or even living abroad full-time, you’ve probably been to conferences before.

And you know just how much contact you had with the presenters.

You probably saw them speaking before a crowd of a hundreds… and if you managed to catch a word with them during a break, there were probably many attendees like yourself, sharing the same conversation.

Hemispheres conferences are different.

Limited to just 40 participants, our conferences offer abundant opportunities for one-on-one discussions with legal, tax, financial, and trust experts about financial solutions tailored specific to you.

Of course, we can’t make this level of access available to everyone.  And frankly, unless you’re a serious — and qualified — investor, you probably don’t need personal financial advice from international experts.  Or to meet the kind of entrepreneurs offering investments in companies and technologies that are cutting-edge, ahead of the curve, and positioned to make exceptional returns for their investors.

If you’re looking for information you won’t find elsewhere, then you belong with us.

If you do want that kind of access… information… investment opportunity… and personal consultation with international experts — then join us for the Global Asset Protection Symposium including a Special HIRE ACT Update:  Predictions, Precautions and Preparations for 2013 November 7-11, 2012

Conference held at Exotic Caye Resort on Ambergris Caye, Belize.  Come and prepare for the future.  Conference fees are USD $1399 for one person, USD $1999 for double registration.

Their conference fees are all-inclusive, so once you’re on the island, you don’t have to worry about a thing.  All conference sessions, meals, cocktail parties and special events are included, along with priceless opportunities for one-on-one conversations and consultations with speakers.  Accommodations and travel are extra.

If this kind of small, intimate, insider group is what you’re looking for, just fill out our information and registration request form today. Their conference coordinator at Exotic Caye Resort will get right back to you with details on registration and accommodations.”

Hemisphere Publishings look forward to seeing you in August.


Michael Cobb

Hemispheres Publishing

PS.  Register before September 30, 2012 and enjoy a snorkel adventure on with them!  Register now