Labels are graphic pieces used to identify objects.  Modernly, there is a great variety of formats and materials for labels which create a unique identity from the numerous for products.  Good labeling distinguishes the quality and the content of your product.  They establish differences among products that are similar in nature, provide information relating to consumer’s interest, and enhance the appearance of the product which will significantly determine its success.  In Belize, there is a group of companies exporting and they are obligated to practice proper labeling requirements.  The Belize Bureau of Standards mandate is to ensure that companies follow effective labeling guideline.

Why label designing is significant?

Label designing promotes a product and attracts consumers, as it differentiates itself from its competitors.  In a world full of brands and endless visual stimulation, visual stimulation, visual seduction is a decisive factor when choosing a product or service.

Labeling Requirement:

All processed products are required by law to be labeled in Belize.  Since, English is the official language; it must be in done in English.  Firms should verify that all of the following requirements are met.  The label must include:

  • The name of the food
  • List of ingredients, in descending order
  • Net contents and drained weight
  • Name and address of the manufacturer
  • Country of origin
  • Batch/Lot identification
  • Date marketing and storage instructions
  • Instruction for use

General Exemption – A processed food that is prepackaged and labeled in English in accordance with the laws and standards in force in Canada, the Caribbean Community, the European union, or the United States of America shall be deemed to comply with this standards.

For more information on the labeling requirement on a specific product label, please contact the Belize Bureau of Standards or BELTRAIDE.