Often times the macro-environment of an industry is based on it being demand dependent and it being dynamically adjustable. This implies that often times, you might need to design and re-design your products and services to meet the needs and wants of your clientele. Most importantly, the ability to be dynamically adjustable indicates that you have the potential to differentiate your products/services from your competitors, and be successful in your industry.

There are many marketing strategies that provide fruitful experiences and exposure for your products and services, one being, Trade Fairs. Trade fairs often involve a considerable marketing investment by participating companies. Costs include space rental, design and construction of trade show displays (where applicable), telecommunications and networking, travel, accommodations, and promotional literature and items to give to attendees. In addition, costs are incurred at the show for services such as electrical, booth cleaning, internet services, among others.

Did you know that there are techniques that you can apply when participating in trade fair? You must first apply the following filters in everything you do:

  1. Establish goals and objectives and design the necessary plans to accomplish them
  2. Work as a team
  3. Make yourself a friend to your customers
  4. Learn how to help your customers buy
  5. Learn how to listen to your customers
  6. Improve your interpersonal relationships
  7. Earn more money

Although many can confirm that any of the above factors properly applied are adequately important on their own, when they are all combined, they become much powerful. Often times, we tend to remember about 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we hear AND see, 80% of what we say, and 90% of what we say and do. It all depends on our attitude.

Our attitudes are not the same as our values, but they do influence our beliefs and feelings. With our attitudes we reflect our intentions of behaving in a certain way towards a person or thing. It is important to remember that we can modify our attitudes and based on your determination to do so, you will be able to express the proper attitude and impact our customers in a positive manner. Hence a positive, energetic attitude is needed when you participate in Trade fairs.


There are two concepts that will deliver VALUE in your participation: delivery and expectations. Delivery is the services that will be provided and which must be suitable. Expectation is the level of service expected by the client.  Value is the level of the service provided and how it is perceived by the client.

What does this mean?

It means that in order to create value we must confidently make all possible efforts to constantly deliver services that exceed our customers’ expectations. In order to do this in the context of participating in trade shows, you must have a guide and execution plan. This guide and plan will be shared with you, in part 2 of this publication. Contact us at 822-3737/0175 for more information.