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Greetings from The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE)!!

You are cordially invited to the “Second Medical Tourism Workshop” to be held at the House of Culture in Belize City, on September 7, 2012, from 8:30a.m.- 12:00 p.m.

You are encouraged to confirm your participation with us by the 4th of September 2012 .  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Global Asset Protection Symposium

Michael Cobb, at Hemispheres Publishing states, “There are some challenging days ahead.  The upcoming elections in the United States will set the tone and direction for the entire Hemisphere for another 4 years. The acronym for the conference is “GAPS” and you certainly don’t want any gaps in your tax preparations or asset protection.   Especially right now with the changes looming in just a few short months.

No matter who wins the elections, the likelihood of tax increases is almost certain.  The end of the “Bush tax cuts” are imminent.   For anyone with total assets of as little as $1,000,000 the tax changes will have a huge impact on what heirs receive.   Income and capital gains taxes will jump up as well, no matter who gets elected.   What can you do?

And it’s not just higher taxes that are the dangers facing us.   What about asset protection from frivolous law suits?   If you can write a check for only $10,000, you’ve got a huge bulls eye on your back.  Are you concerned about new banking laws that smack of currency controls?   How about erosions of freedom?   These are serious issues you need to address.

Time is short.   December 31, 2012 is only a few months away.  Where do we begin to look for answers and immediate solutions?   How much time do you need to “step off the tracks” and prepare for this reality? Is it possible to find these solutions in one place and in a useful format that is actionable? Continue reading “Global Asset Protection Symposium”



 Project Name:            INCLUSIVE LINKAGES Project in the border zones of Belize and Guatemala

Funding Agency:        CENPROMYPE through the Government of Austria

Position:                      Local Project Consultant

 Statement of Capability:

The purpose of the project is intended to contribute to the local economic development and poverty reduction through the strengthening of the actors involved in the territories as well as the building of the local economy by promoting the cultural identity of the border zone.  The project has three components: (1) strengthening organizational structures and business management skills of the territories; (2) Promotion of economic linkages between the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs); (3) Awareness of and training in the local development concept.


Supply of Metrology Equipment - EuropeAid/133155/D/SUP/BZ

Consumer Watch Newsletter “August 2012”

Dear Readers:

Please feel free to view the Belize Bureau of Standards August 2012 Issue of the Consumer Watch Newsletter.

Click on the link to view the document


Thank You!

Belize’s Path to Medical Tourism

Attendee/Author:  Ann Kuffner

There’s been considerable buzz about whether Belize is ready to dip a toe into the field of medical tourism. Tourism is the major source of revenue for this small country. Medical tourism could provide a significant boost in revenue for the country. But medical tourism is rife with potential pitfalls.  Recently the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (Beltraide) initiated the first step in this process. They held their first public workshop on August 3rd.  It was held at the George Price Center, in Belmopan.

The IADB hired a medical tourism expert to lay the groundwork to develop Belize’s sustainable medical tourism plan.  Their Costa Rican consultant, Mr. Massimo Manzi, moderated the recent workshop. He presented an overview of the study he’s leading.  Mr. Manzi is the Executive Director of ProMed (the Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rican Medicine).  He developed Costa Rica’s highly successful medical tourism model.  He now offers his expertise to other countries to assist in developing their medical tourism models.

Mr. Nicholas Ruiz, the Executive Director of Beltraide, opened the meeting. He talked about the attractive opportunities in medical tourism.  He repeatedly noted that Beltraide is committed to developing a sustainable medical tourism approach that will benefit Belize, and Belizeans.

“The over-riding idea is that we want Belizeans to participate in this industry.” Continue reading “Belize’s Path to Medical Tourism”

Discovering Your Roadmap to Success?

How many micro, small and medium enterprises have you seen in our society opening their doors affluently, then closing down shortly after? Many small businesses today are being established without a proper road map; an essential tool in identifying potential problems and opportunities. This road map, also known as a business bible, is called a Business Plan. Continue reading “Discovering Your Roadmap to Success?”

How to Turn Conflicts into a Positive for your Business

 Are you having conflicts in your business? Here is some general information and quick tips on handling conflicts

Conflict is often thought to be negative such as a disagreement or controversy.  However, especially in a business setting, conflict can be positive. Conflict often creates opportunities for growth and new ideas in the business and can lead to improving the business profits and / or efficiency.

Conflict if escalated can often lead to anger.  When someone is angry, usually they are focusing on their anger, and not the underlying issue.  Therefore,  it is best to diffuse the anger before meeting to discuss how to resolve the conflict.  Some tips for diffusing anger are: Continue reading “How to Turn Conflicts into a Positive for your Business”

The Decision to Export!

Although exporting may seem simple, it requires you to do your homework! A company cannot venture into unfamiliar territory without knowing what to expect, the requirements, market needs and other factors.

In order to commence an export project, previous planning is required to determine the company’s capacity to assume the responsibilities acquired with foreign clients, verify infrastructure, personnel and technical-practical knowledge. The company must obtain a thorough understanding of the export mechanism, including the distribution and logistics procedures to understand and conquer the desired market. Continue reading “The Decision to Export!”

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