“Market Dynamics Caribbean provides the world with news from all over the Caribbean Region. Issue 14 has been released, and the following are the highlights :

  • -Anguilla: summary of Renewables Integration Project
  • -Aruba: 2011 Economic Highlights
  • -Curacao/St. Maarten: 2011 Central Bank Annual Report Highlights
  • -Bahamas: S&P has raised the short-term foreign currency rating from A-3 to A-2
  • -Barbados: Moody’s gives a negative outlook, ratings remain unchanged
  • -PR: Moody’s upgrades the PR Industrial Development Company to Baa1
  • -TCI: Highlights from the White Paper on VAT
  • -T&T: Energy sector overview
  • -T&T: New Central Banker Jwala Ramber­ran assumes the post today

This issue also highlights the Spotlight on the Belize Budget Presentation, which is at the end of this issue. The analysis offers a fiscal and economic performance summary, budget projections and a summary of key measures including tax and tariff reforms.”

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