The Business & Investment Facilitation Unit is the customer service department at BELTRAIDE. The Unit offers aftercare services that include a range of activities from post establishment facilitation services through to developmental support to retain investment, encourage follow-up investments and achieve greater local economic impact.

Business Facilitation Activities include:

  • Engages in dialogue with investors to address issues affecting the various sectors;
  • Administering the Fiscal Incentives program on behalf of the Government of Belize;
  • Continued collaboration with public and private sector stakeholders to eliminate; bottlenecks faced by investors;
  • Serves as a lobbyist in the best interest of developing the local business climate;
  • Identification of areas with investment potential through the development of comprehensive sector profiles;
  • Sector/Site visits to facilitate constant dialogue with investors to address issues affecting the various sectors;
  • Meeting with sector players to promote networking opportunities;
  • Continued collaboration with private sector organizations through MOUs with specific work plans for sector development;
  • Evaluation of labor pool to guide the development of relevant curriculum through local institutions (e.g., for Business Process Outsourcing, Call Centers).

SME related services include:

  • Providing one-on-one guidance in business plan development, marketing and product development and on implementing quality management standards.
  • Providing outreach presentations to schools, community centers, and any other areas seeking for BELTRAIDE’s inputs;
  • Providing business related trainings to promote entrepreneurial development, and build capacity of companies. (e.g., costing & pricing, record keeping);
  • Producing business guiding brochures (e.g., business plan development, branding & labeling, marketing, exporter’s manual);