The global economic crisis has resulted in more and more companies signing contracts to outsource their operations including marketing, customer/technical services, human resources, accounting and collections operated off-shore by another party.  This industry responsible for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is in Belize and growing.  As the only English speaking country in Central America coupled with the natural talent of producing the American accent and located near-shore to North America and South America, where most of the outsourcing jobs comes from, makes Belize an attractive investment spot. There are currently 11 known Call Centers in Belize located within Belize City, Ladyville and Belmopan.  These centers currently employ over 1300 employees, a 20% increase from the end of 2011 rippled by the addition of two centers and the reactivation of an existing center.  New companies have already made commitments to joining this boosting industry in Belize and a conservative 3-year projection shows   150% to 160% increase in employment.

Increase employment generated by BPO successes will dramatically reduce unemployment, lower crime rate and at the same time continue to increase our economy.  These centers offer training to meet the contracts’ demands by the introduction of new software, modern computers and equipments, and advanced technology. In this manner, the intellectual ability of the trainees is enhanced. People of all age-ranges are targets for this great job market.  The wages offered are well above minimum wage and become even more attractive with higher education. Under certain circumstances it tends to be higher than other companies requiring the same level of education and experience.  The companies within the BPO Industry not only offer jobs but the opportunity for a career with promotions always in the pipeline.

The BPO industry attracts mostly international investments where monies come into the country with scarcity of repatriation of funds.  All international companies are renting office spaces, paying utility bills, bandwidth/internet fees, social security and wages.

In 2011, the expenses incurred by the centers were well over BZ$ 18 million.  These monies were added directly to our market resulting in a growing economy.  Belize will continue to see a rise in this industry and the significance of such an increase will have a direct impact on the social and economic needs of our beautiful Belize.