June 13, 2012

Export Processing Zone: Quick Facts

The Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Program (Chapter 280 Laws of Belize) is intended to attract both local and foreign investments to boost production for export markets with a focus on manufactured goods and non-traditional agricultural products. Continue reading “Export Processing Zone: Quick Facts”

A Snapshot at Belize’s Renewable Potential!

Since achieving independence in 1981, Belize’s energy sector has evolved from one that was heavily dependent on fossil fuels to now very much diverse with significant sources of renewable energy. Currently, the country gets its energy from four main sources: imported fossil fuels, imported electricity, locally generated hydro-electricity, and biomass energy. While close to half of the total existing power is derived from hydro source, there exists a visible gap for further expansion of the renewable sources, in replacement of the often costly and unpredictable fossil derivative (fuel). Continue reading “A Snapshot at Belize’s Renewable Potential!”

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