The EXPO Tabasco 2012, “Vive el Eden” will take place from 27th to 29th of April 2012 in Villahermosa, Tabasco. Is an ideal medium for a festive, it promotes tourism in the region as a destination that offers adventure, culture and tradition.

The objectives of the Expo are to:

–  Establish a maximum party of the people of Tabasco as a recreational space to attract local and national visitors.

– Preserving the roots of our culture.

–  Widening the traditions and customs characteristic of
people of Tabasco.

–  Serve as a forum for trade and business that result in greater economic benefit to the entity.

– The development of tourism promotion through its
slogan  “Vive el Eden”.

Tabasco EXPO 2012 is an invitation for everyone to experience the land: people, places, flavors and Tabasco Expo 2012, the party that brings together all families.

Live the paradise for adventure, discovery and excitement, Tabasco EXPO 2012, “Vive el Eden” is a party that never ends, which is kept in our hearts.

For information, visit the website or contact the Mexican Embassy in the City of Belmopan at telephone # 501-822-0406 or email