The Commonwealth Secretariat is providing support to the development of a Global Natural Fibres Forum (GNFF). The GNFF is a network dedicated to the promotion of the usage of natural fibres across the globe and consists of producers, retailers, researchers, designers, artisans, cooperatives, self help groups, financiers and organisations. The Global Natural Fibre Forum (GNFF) hopes to maximise the benefits of indigenous natural fibres to increase income for local, small producers across the world and to facilitate the united representation of small producers as owners of their local natural resources.

As part of the current phase of development, research is ongoing in the Caribbean on the individuals and organizations involved in natural fibres industries (including handicraft, agriculture, furniture, etc.), current and potential opportunities for natural fibre development and the preparation of an investment profile on several countries, to identify potential projects which could attract investors. The investment profile will be promoted internationally by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Beltraide collaborated with the Commonwealth Secretariat to host a fact-finding focus group discussion on the potential for development and investment in natural fibres in Belize held on January 12th, 2012, from 9am to 12pm at Beltraide, located at #14 Orchid Garden, City of Belmopan. Ms. Lisa Callender, consultant to the Secretariat will facilitate the discussion on the subject, under the theme “Investment Opportunities for natural fibres and the Global Natural Fibres Forum”.