The Tagline for Benque Viejo was introduced and accepted by the committee members present as “Where History & Nature Meet”. This will be used in all documents promoting the town as a Tourism Destination.

Several points were discussed with follow up actions:

  1. Calendar of events: A list to be developed of all the activities held throughout the year & the attractions within and around Benque Viejo.
  2. Brochure: Mr. Kota is working along with Cubola Productions to develop the town’s brochure and should be ready for release by the end of January 2012. Mr. Kevin Gonzalez, Director of Destination Planning at the BTB, volunteered to speak with Mr. Anthony Hunt to provide photographs at a reasonable cost or free cost to be included in the brochure. It was emphasized that the photographs need to be of high quality and show the best of the town. Logos of sponsors will also be included in the brochure.
  3. Booklet: It was suggested for a booklet to be prepared showcasing the history of the town and things to do. Mr. Gonzalez emphasized the importance of having documented all that the Town offers because as is only the Committee members who reside in Benque possess such knowledge. Once this is recorded, then it will be easier to brand the town and receive assistance from MOT & BTB.
  4. Self-Touring: Local and international tourists can engage in self-touring provided that labels and directions are placed around the town.
  5. Mural: The BTB and MOT suggested the creation of a mural showcasing the history of Benque Viejo. The town has a lot of artists which can be brought together via a competition or other initiative to create such mural.

Branding is essential in the development of the town as a tourism destination. This is the #1 priority before any activities are executed. Branding will lead to specialised tour guide training as it will be clear what the Town is focusing on offering. The timeline for specialized tour guide training is March/April 2012 and Mr. Gonzalez stated that the BTB can assist with this.

A clean-up campaign will also be planned and executed in 2012, possibly on April 22, 2012 (Earth Day). A poster competition was sug

gested to get the primary schools involved in the event.