Lower Dover Field Journal

The Mountain Pine Ridge region of the Cayo District in Western Belize provides plenty of sightseeing opportunities. One can go on a day tour to the Maya ruins of Caracol and get back to Lower Dover Jungle Lodge in time for dinner. Along the way, there will be plenty of pot holes, wildlife photo opportunities, and numerous sightseeing turnoffs.

The name Mountain Pine Ridge comes from the large granite outcroppings present only here in Belize. These granite peaks, along with the country’s hottest daytime temperatures, provide the necessary habitat for pine forest growth.  Unfortunately, an invasive species called the southern pine bark beetle devastated many of the old growth parts of the pine forest in early 2000.  Luckily, a successful reforestation program has worked to halt a complete extinction of the pine trees in Mountain Pine Ridge.

The first stop on the way is Rio On Pools, a fantastic swimming…

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